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    A standard garage door spring usually lasts between seven to twelve years. After that time, those springs need a replacement for the proper and smooth operation of your garage door spring. If you operate your garage with the worn-out or damaged springs, you may face hazardous situations. Thus, you should not hesitate to replace your damaged or malfunctioning garage door springs.

    What We Provide

    The springs of your garage door are the specific mechanism that helps to carry the weight of the door while going up and coming down. You will always need the help of those springs for the right functioning of your garage door. Moreover, these springs also help you in opening your garage door manually when there is no power.


    After some years of use, you need to check the condition of the springs and call the experts to repair or replace them if required. To complete the task without any trouble, you can call our expert technicians for help. We, the experts at Vegas Garage Door Repair, provide service regarding all types of garage door spring replacement, no matter which type of garage door you have.  We take pride in our expert knowledge and training regarding garage door spring replacement.

    What is special about our garage door spring replacement service?

    The garage door operates with the help of several springs. Those springs are usually to be repaired after working for some years. However, the weight of your garage door can cause further damage to those springs, and hence; soon, they get damaged that is beyond repair. At that time, you should think about replacing those springs as soon as possible.


    Our experts can inspect the extension and torsion springs of your garage door to plan the next step. If needed, they can replace the springs without any delay to give you a safe and secure way of operating your garage door. The expert technicians of Vegas Garage Door Repair are trained in all the procedures of replacing your garage door springs while ensuring your safety and security.

    Why may you require garage door spring repair service?

    The springs of your garage door work against gravity to pull up the heavy door. Your garage door usually works with the help of two types of springs that are attached to the garage door. Those are extension springs and torsion springs.


    You can find extension springs in most of the residential garage doors. When the door operates, those extension springs are extended and provide leverage to support the movement of the garage door. Whereas, torsion springs use torque instead of extending and create the movement of garage doors. Hence, when you feel that there is a problem with your garage door springs, you should not delay and have them repaired as early as possible. The longer those springs remain unrepaired or not replaced, there are more chances of facing accidents or injuries.

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    When you call Vegas Garage Door Repair for emergency garage door repair, you can be sure that we will attend you at the earliest.

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    We do not charge high for emergency services. Emergency garage door repair service is our basic service.

    Why call us?

    We, Vegas Garage Door Repair, located in Las Vegas, NV, are the experts regarding garage door spring replacements. Our team of experienced technicians can help you with all your needs regarding garage door spring replacement. Our team also gives a proper inspection of your garage door springs and all other parts of your garage door whenever you need it. So, you can always trust and call us whenever you need expert assistance and service regarding garage door spring replacement.

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